Western Wall Tunnel

Descend into the Jewish nation’s history in the 322-meter underground tunnel, at the spot closest to where the Temple once … read more

Mahane Yehuda Market Jerusalem

A visit to the Mahane Yehuda Market is an experience for all of your senses – the sights, colors, sounds … read more

The Jerusalem Festival of Light, 9-16 June 2010

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Jerusalem Festival of Light In the city of Jerusalem light has its own presence, all around, all the time. Light … read more

Nachlaot Neighbourhood Jerusalem

Located in the center of the city, providing a bridge between the uptown feel of Rechavia, to the authentic Machane … read more

Jewish Quarter – Old City Jerusalem

Dating back to the days of the Turkish reign over Israel, the old city has been parted into four sections, … read more

Baka Neighbourhood Jerusalem

Baka is another one of the neighborhoods in Jerusalem, infected by the American Jewish invasions to Jerusalem. Enough so that … read more

Christian Quarter – Old City Jerusalem

The Christian Quarter functions as the most toured quarter of the old city and the second largest out of the … read more

Wohl Archaeological Museum Jerusalem

The Wohl Archaeological Museum is located in the Herodian Quarter, which was considered the upscale, wealthy neighborhood in the city … read more

The Armenian Quarter – Jerusalem Old City

Situated to the right of the vibrant Christian Quarter is the secret Armenian Quarter, the most isolate of all of … read more

Jerusalem’s History

Jerusalem’s history stretches back about 5,000 years. About 2500 BC, the Canaanites inhabited the city. Later, Jerusalem became a Jebusite … read more