The Western Wall Time Line Jerusalem

1000 BC – Purchasing Mount Moria King David conquered Jerusalem, which was a Jebusite city located on the Ophel hill, … read more

Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City

The Hurva Synagogue is located in the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City. The synagogue was built in the 18th … read more

Western Wall Tunnel

Descend into the Jewish nation’s history in the 322-meter underground tunnel, at the spot closest to where the Temple once … read more

Jewish Quarter – Old City Jerusalem

Dating back to the days of the Turkish reign over Israel, the old city has been parted into four sections, … read more

Christian Quarter – Old City Jerusalem

The Christian Quarter functions as the most toured quarter of the old city and the second largest out of the … read more

The Armenian Quarter – Jerusalem Old City

Situated to the right of the vibrant Christian Quarter is the secret Armenian Quarter, the most isolate of all of … read more

The Old City of Jerusalem

The Holiest City on Earth, surrounded by glorious walls, the Old City of Jerusalem (Yerushalayim in Hebrew, El-Quds in Arabic) … read more

The Temple Mount Jerusalem

Holy to both Muslims and Jews, the Temple Mount (or Haram ash-Sharif in Arabic) is the most remarkable well-known symbol … read more

The Citadel Jerusalem

The Citadel, one of Jerusalem’s most famous sites and what used to be Herod’s palace back in the 1st century, … read more

The Cardo Jerusalem

Part of the Old City’s Jewish Quarter, the Cardo is the reconstructed main street of Byzantine Jerusalem from the 6th … read more