Sea and Sun – Beaches of Tel Aviv

Hilton Beach

Mezizim Beach

The beautiful white beaches of Tel Aviv are the city’s most popular attraction and a must for any visitor. The magnificent promenade (“Tayelet” in Hebrew), with its beachfront cafes and restaurants, runs along the shore at the main hotel area, providing a great location for morning or afternoon jogging.


The beaches are mostly crowded on weekends (Friday and Saturday), and are pleasantly quiet in early mornings, when the only brave swimmers are seniors working on their exercise. The seashores are dotted with kiosks just a few steps from the water, tan worshipers lying on beach-beds while others carefully sitting under parasols.

Beautiful Mediterranean Sunset

While at the beach you may find yourself moving your head from the right to the left, following local pairs playing “Matkot” (Israeli beach Tennis), and on summer evenings, soon after the beautiful Mediterranean sunset, the beaches become a great location for night hang outs, you can find many beach bars, from the new and renovated Mezizim beach bar to the one North of the Marina and others along the beach.

Frishman beach Tel Aviv

The religious beach


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