Christian Quarter – Old City Jerusalem

The Christian Quarter functions as the most toured quarter of the old city and the second largest out of the four. Located only moments after the Jaffa gate in the northwest, it serves many of the people visiting the old city, as its threshold.
Holy Sepulcher Church
The quarter, consisting of both broad streets and narrow alleys, is the base for the famous Holy Sepulchre Church. The church is said to be built over the areas of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial place and his resurrection. Serving as the heart of Christian life in Jerusalem, the quarter naturally plays the part of home for monks, nuns and priests as well as being connected to both the Greek and Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Besides the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the quarter prides itself in the Mursitan, built over the wreckage of the old Knights Hospitaller hospital, which serves now as a marketplace. Also, tourists can find themselves entering the neo-Romanesque Lutheran Church of the Redeemer or continuing their shopping in the Christian Quarter Shuk which leads into the bazaar of the Moslem Quarter, where they can find many souvenir shops with the same variety on the whole.

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