The Jerusalem Festival of Light, 9-16 June 2010

The Tower of Light – Church of the Redeemer

Muristan Mémoires – Muristan Plaza

Jerusalem Festival of Light

In the city of Jerusalem light has its own presence, all around, all the time.

Light as we use it every day creates security illuminating obstacles, enables the observer to perceive the city and the surrounding in a different manners, allow us to understand what we see and even more, opens our minds to the unseen.

The Jerusalem Festival of Light believes that changing the  lights will give us a possibility of rediscovering the city. The artists are invited to give the city a new world of creation, integrating  beauty  concepts, history and believing, abstraction and technology and including a wide spread of possibilities and usages.

The 2010 Festival of Light will provide the city visitors with a new and artistic view of the Old City of Jerusalem at night.

The Festival of Light is open to public between from June 9th until June 16th, 2010 offering the creations of Israeli and aboard artists.The festival is an initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority and Ariel Municipal Company and is open to all public and family oriented. Most of the activities and events are completely free of charge.

We recommend purchasing in advance tickets for the opening performance that will take place in Sultan’s pool and will offer a huge concert performed by the Symphony Orchestra and lighting design designer Avi-Yonah Bueno (Bambi) and to the special performance every night at the Habonim Gardens integrating dance and acrobatics with lighting and pyrotechnic effects.

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Come and enjoy the delightful nightlife of the Old City of Jerusalem.


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