International Klezmer Festival

Every summer the city of Safed hosts the International Klezmer Festival. The festival has been held for 22 years and … read more

Safed Museums

Beit HaMeiri Museum The museum is located in the outskirts of the ancient Jewish quarter, and tells the tale of … read more

Safed – Neighborhoods and Quarters

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Walking through the lovely stone alleys and the ancient Jewish quarter in Safed grants visitors a unique experience that combines … read more

Safed – Ancient Synagogues

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During the sixteenth century, with the destruction of the Jewish community in Spain, which was the largest and most important … read more

Safed’s History

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Safed’s history is filled with fascinating events, uprisings, epidemics and calamities. Many historical sites were preserved and now serve as … read more

Safed – City Travel Guide

Safed is the capital of the Upper Galilee and is the highest city in Israel, overlooking the Sea of Galilee … read more