Tel Aviv celebrates it’s 100th birthday

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Tel Aviv’s 100th birthday celebrations kicked off on April 4th in Rabin Square before a crowd of 400,000, who came … read more

Gan Hahashmal one of the coolest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv

Gan Hahashmal is a small quarter hosting Israel’s young designers who live, work and party in the neighborhood in the boutique stores, restaurants and bars, including Levontin 7, a popular bar and music venue. read more

Yad Harutzim nightlife center in downtown Tel Aviv

Yad Harutzim is a nightlife center in downtown Tel Aviv, with many bars, mega-clubs and fine restaurants. read more

Ramat Hahayal

Ramat hahayal, located at the north-eastern part of Tel Aviv, is a nightlife center with many bars, fine restaurants and a live performances club. read more

Tel Aviv port – Night Time, busiest nightlife center of the city

The Tel Aviv port was shut down in the 60’s as an active sea port, and was awaken in the … read more