Restaurants in Israel – More than Falafel

Despite its small geographic size, Israel offers the palate quite a vast range of flavors and cuisines to sample and … read more

Rothschild Blvd one of Tel Aviv’s central boulevards

Rothschild Blvd is one of Tel Aviv’s central boulevards, a wide street with a designated promenade for pedestrians and bicycle surrounded by a variety of cafés, restaurants, kiosks, and some of Tel Aviv’s most impressive Bauhaus architecture, at the heart of the “White City”. read more

Gan Hahashmal one of the coolest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv

Gan Hahashmal is a small quarter hosting Israel’s young designers who live, work and party in the neighborhood in the boutique stores, restaurants and bars, including Levontin 7, a popular bar and music venue. read more

Ha’arbaa Street – Tel Aviv culinary center

Ha’arbaa St. is a Tel Aviv culinary center in addition to hosting Cinematheque Tel Aviv, the best theater in the city and the home of well known international film festivals. read more

Yad Harutzim nightlife center in downtown Tel Aviv

Yad Harutzim is a nightlife center in downtown Tel Aviv, with many bars, mega-clubs and fine restaurants. read more

The Carmel market

The Carmel Market is the largest open market in Tel Aviv and the best place to buy fresh food and wonder around. Next to the market lies the Yemenite Vineyard, a small neighborhood with charming little streets and typical Yemenite restaurants. read more

Ramat Hahayal

Ramat hahayal, located at the north-eastern part of Tel Aviv, is a nightlife center with many bars, fine restaurants and a live performances club. read more

Jaffa – Restaurants

Jaffa restaurants offers typical Israeli food, and Old Jaffa is a great place to get something to eat if you are looking for locals’ favorite places. read more

Tel Aviv port – Day Time

Though not active as a port anymore, the old port of Tel Aviv is a very lively part of the … read more