Jewish Quarter – Old City Jerusalem

Dating back to the days of the Turkish reign over Israel, the old city has been parted into four sections, … read more

The Old City of Jerusalem

The Holiest City on Earth, surrounded by glorious walls, the Old City of Jerusalem (Yerushalayim in Hebrew, El-Quds in Arabic) … read more

Via Dolorosa

The Via Dolorosa, or the Way of Sorrows, is believed to be the route that Jesus took on his way … read more

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The holiest Christian shrine in the world is situated on the Hill of Golgotha (skull hill), used to be an … read more

A tour in the old city of Nazareth

by - in - Nazareth

The old city of Nazareth is the hometown of Jesus and one of the most important Christian sites in Israel, including several historical sites, such as the Church of St. Joseph and the Grotto of the Virgin. read more

The Western Wall Virtual tour – Visit the Kotel

The Western Wall also called the Wailing wall, is the western retaining wall of the Temple Mount, the one that … read more