Shenkin Street – one of the most popular Tel Aviv streets

Shenkin (Sheinkin) street is one of the most popular Tel Aviv streets, including some of the best Tel Aviv stores, coffee shops like the famous café Tamar and Orna and Ella, and great atmosphere. read more

Rothschild Blvd one of Tel Aviv’s central boulevards

Rothschild Blvd is one of Tel Aviv’s central boulevards, a wide street with a designated promenade for pedestrians and bicycle surrounded by a variety of cafés, restaurants, kiosks, and some of Tel Aviv’s most impressive Bauhaus architecture, at the heart of the “White City”. read more

Ha’arbaa Street – Tel Aviv culinary center

Ha’arbaa St. is a Tel Aviv culinary center in addition to hosting Cinematheque Tel Aviv, the best theater in the city and the home of well known international film festivals. read more

Yehuda HaMaccabi Street

Yehuda HaMaccabi Street is a chic area in the northern part of Tel Aviv, which offer many small cafes, charming little stores and a Spa center. read more

The Carmel market

The Carmel Market is the largest open market in Tel Aviv and the best place to buy fresh food and wonder around. Next to the market lies the Yemenite Vineyard, a small neighborhood with charming little streets and typical Yemenite restaurants. read more

Rabin Square

Rabin Square is the main open public square in Tel Aviv and the most famous one. On its eastern side lies the popular Ibn Gvirol Street, crowded with many outdoor cafes that remain open until late at night. read more

Noga Theater – up-and-coming area of Tel Aviv

The Noga theater quarter is an up-and-coming area of the city, with a few of nice bars and restaurants and the city’s soccer stadium nearby. read more

Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian walkway

The Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian walkway hosts an Arts & Crafts Fair every Tuesday and Friday and has many textile shops and small restaurants and cafes. read more

Lilinblum Street – central nightlife area

Lilinblum Street is the central drinking area in Tel Aviv, where you can find many trendy bars and look for some nightlife action in a relatively small area. read more

Ahad Haam & Nahmani streets

by - in - Tel Aviv

Ahad Haam & Nahmani streets are located in the heart of Tel Aviv, worth a walking trip with the Rothschild Blvd excursion or dedicating them some time on their own. read more