Hotel Spa Mizpe Hayamim

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Mizpe Hayamim hotel is located in the Eastern Galilee. It’s a well known SPA hotel and has it’s own organic … read more

Vital hotel Tel Aviv

Vital Tel Aviv hotel is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv at the Weizman center, a great location to enjoy … read more

Dolphin Village Country Lodging, Western Galilee

Dolphin Village is located in the pastoral town of Shavei Zion, just a two-minute walk from one of the most … read more

Benharim Hotel Gideona – Video slide show

Benharim is a small family hotel located in Gideona. Benharim is an eight room family hotel. Rooms are suitable for … read more

Americana Hotel Eilat – Hotel Video slide show

The Americana Hotel is located 5 minutes from walk from the north beach of Eilat. Americana Hotel is a popular … read more

Island Suites Hotel Netanya

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Island Suites Hotel Netanya is new hotel and the most luxuries one in the city that offers 1 and 2-bedroom … read more

Villa Carmel Boutique Hotel & Spa – Haifa

The newly renovated Villa Carmel, located in the heart of Haifa’s prestigious Carmel district. Villa Carmel has a fine design … read more

Kibbutz Zeelim Hotel Negev, Israel

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A kibbutz Hotel in the western Negev,Kibbutz Zeelim Hotel has 27 rooms, each room can accommodate a couple plus two children. … read more

Kibbutz Zeelim – A Negev desert experience

Visitors to the kibbutz Zeelim can enjoy this magnificent desert area and be a guest for a complete family vacation. … read more

Gallery Haifa Hotel – Where art and comfort meet

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Where art and comfort meet. A spectacular boutique hotel planned and designed with the inspiration of art and scenery as … read more