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At an altitude of some 600 meters above sea level, overlooking the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret), lays the city of Tiberias – one of the largest cities in the north of Israel and one of its most popular resort places. Tiberias has been the cultural and religious center of the Jewish community in the Roman empire days, and is considered one of the holiest cities in Israel. Alongside its historical monuments Tiberias is great place to pass the summer holidays and it offers many attractions for tourists as well as families with kids.

tiberias city view

Among Tiberias ‘s many attractions the Hammat Tverya National Park is a recommended way to pass a relaxing afternoon while visiting the city. Situated next to the “Hamei Tverya” spa (another great option for spa lovers), the Hammat Tverya National Park includes few old synagogues and a public bath house, along with a few ancient natural warm water spas. Many of Tiberias’ landmarks of ancient history are located there.

The Tiberias beaches are mostly clean and well kept, though admission fee is required. In order to enjoy the scenic view of the Sea of Galilee from above mixed with a nice walk, visit the Emek Hayarden boardwalk between Zemach beach and the Dganya Aleph Kibbutz. The Jordan river (Yarden river), stretching to the North and South of the Sea of Galilee, has a wide selection of rafting and kayaking spots for water sports lovers. Along the Alon boardwalk, next to the beach, you can fine three centers offering equipment and water activities such as boats rental, water skiing and more.

Tiberias also offers many fine seafood and fresh fish restaurants. On top of the promenade’s many sea food restaurants, you can try Shimshon steak house (behind the Tiberias market) or Dex steak house, both offer great meat at sea level with cool atmosphere. Another off-the-beaten-track restaurant, serving kosher Jewish food from around the globe is The Guy restaurant (located next to the Panorama hotel) .

There are many hotels in Tiberias, some of which are luxurious and some are less pricey. The best hotels in Tiberias include Caesar Resort Hotel, the Scots Hotel, the Sheraton and Rimonim Galei Kinnereth, all located next to the shore and offer 5 star facilities. Other good options while searching for hotels in Tiberias are the Holiday Inn, the Golden Tulip and Golan hotel, all of which offer a a simpler yet budget-friendly option as well as great views of the Sea of Galilee.

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