Ben-Gurion St. Tel Aviv

ben gurion street

Ben-Gurion St. is one of Tel Aviv’s nicest places to have a walk and a cup of coffee in the middle of the Street. There are a couple of places along the boulevard worth visiting.

Ben-Gurion’s house (17 Ben-Gurion St.) is the former residence of Israel’s first Prime Minister. It is a very modest house converted into museum, and has an impressive library that contains thousands of books. The design of the house is interesting, and reflects the simple lifestyle of its former residents which were the common values at the early years of the state of Israel.

Alongside Ben-Gurion St., you will see many small outdoor cafes, with people sitting and chatting. All of them serve quality coffee and sandwiches. If you are looking for a nice restaurant in the area, Goocha (171 Dizengoff St.) is probably the place you were looking for. It is situated at the cross point of Ben-Gurion St. and Dizengoff St. and serves nice seafood dishes. The restaurant is well known for its pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices.

Kikar Atarim, a small plaza with nice seafront view, is a popular hangout place for tourists during the summer months, and is situated at the west end of Ben-Gurion St. In the middle of the plaza there is a successful Mega-Bar named “La Kikar”, which is jammed every evening with fine looking crowd. The Marina hotel, overlooking the plaza and the Mediterranean, is located in the northern side of Kikar Atarim, and offers renovated rooms and underground parking lot for its guests, which is a rare feature in Tel Aviv.

ben gurion street

For couples traveling with small children, there is the Dyada center at 17 Ben-Gurion St.. It offers a wide selection of children pass-times throughout the day and many types of amusements for kids. In Dyada the young ones can have some fun while you are sitting in the garden and having a peaceful light meal in the restaurant located inside the complex.


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