Old City of Nazareth


Nazareth church

Nazareth’s Old City is a wonderful example of a Mediterranean mountain town. To make sure it stays that way, Arie Rahamimoff’s team has identified architectural and historical assets that should be preserved. One of them, at the foot of the ridge, is a large concentration of traditional two-storey houses of Galilee stone, with tile roofs, patios, and inner courtyards.

Most of them were built in the 1800s or the early 1900′. Halfway up the steep slope, where construction is less dense, are houses built in the early 1900′ and later. To properly preserve and develop this area, creative ways to cope with the sharp incline must be found. On the upper part of the slope and spaced even more widely apart are massive modern edifices with concrete frames and columns. Here, an effort must be made to avoid damage to the landscape that can result from further construction. The buildings atop the ridge, including the Salesian Monastery and the St. Gabriel Hotel, give the city its distinctive silhouette.

Nazareth’s numerous religious and public buildings stand out in the urban fabric. Most of them are from earlier centuries. These buildings are largely constructed in the Gothic or neoclassical style, and surrounded by beautiful, extensive gardens, a sizable yard, towers, and turrets.


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