The Tel Aviv Namal – The city’s Old Port – Now a favorite

Namal Tel Aviv Deck

Namal sea view

The first port of Israel was opened at 1936 and now is a flourishing hang out area with many new restaurants, bars and shops all accessible by a 14000 square meters of a wooden deck that its shape was inspired by the Tel Aviv sand dunes.

The Tel Aviv port was shut down in the 60’s as an active sea port, and was awaken in the 80’s as a nightlife and water sports center. Nowadays it is the busiest nightlife area of the city. Some of its bars and clubs are certainly worth a visit even just to get a glance of the crowded mingling scene of Tel Aviv’s nightlife.

The biggest club in the Tel Aviv port area is TLV. It used to be one of the city’s nightlife scene leaders for years, but has no fixed schedule anymore. TLV still holds parties every once in a while, playing mostly house and trance music, so if you consider yourself a clubber, you might want to check if there’s a party there during your stay. The club itself is equipped with a state of the art sound and lighting systems, and has a sea front section with cool vibes.

Whisky-a-go go, one of the hottest bars in Tel Aviv, is just nearby. This is where Israel’s famous actors, models, athletes and celebrities come to eat, drink and mingle. Whisky-a-go go is a mixture of a lounge, a dance bar and a dining place. After midnight, the atmosphere there changes, while trendy DJs lift up the energy level.

Another trendy place is Shalvata (which means peace or tranquility), named after a famous mental institution in Israel. Shalvata Offers a relaxed atmosphere, good music and superior view of the Mediterranean, accompanied by friendly service, though it tends to get very crowded on summer weekends and holidays. Erlich is another Mega-bar at the Tel Aviv port which is friendly, well designed and usually quite packed. It is built around a round bar that occupies most of the space, a design that makes it a good place to meet people and mingle.

There are many other bars in the Tel Aviv port and there’s always enough parking. You can also take a bus all the way to the north end of Dizengoff and just follow the crowd, on their way for another night of drinking and dancing till dawn.


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