Rockefeller Museum Jerusalem



The Rockefeller Museum is located in East Jerusalem, opposite Herod’s Gate. The museum was designed by renowned British architect Austen St. Barbe Harrison in the 1930s. In his beautifully impressive architectural design, Harrison successfully merged east and west. The museum, which opened in 1938, exhibits numerous important historical findings from Jerusalem and around Israel, found mostly during the British Mandate period. Among the items on display: A collection of gold jewelry, Megiddo ivory collection, Lachish letter ostracon and decorated wooden doorposts from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The museum’s exhibit halls have high ceilings, inspired by the Roman halls built around a beautiful courtyard with three different levels.
Rockefeller Museum Jerusalem

Rockefeller Museum Jerusalem
Address: Sultan Suleiman 27, Jerusalem (near Herod’s Gate, a short drive from Safra Square, parallel to the Old City walls).
Telephone: 02-628-2251


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