Museums in Haifa

Haifa Mada Museum

There are three major areas in Haifa; the lower city is the “downtown” area where major businesses and factories are located, as well as hotels and year-long swimming beaches alongside the port area. The middle city is called Hadar HaCarmel and includes the market and a busy commercial area. The upper city is stretched on Mt. Carmel, where most entertainment and shopping areas and a lot of the residential areas are located. Commuting between the different areas can be done with the only subway in Israel, the Carmelit, which travels from sea level downtown all the way up the Central Carmel in 6 minutes.

Many museums can be found in Haifa. No matter what your taste or interest are, whether it’s art, technology or national history – you can probably find a museum that will attract you in Haifa:

Haifa Museum of Art

The Haifa Museum of Art is located in an historic building built in the 1930’s in Hadar HaCarmel. The Museum of Art focuses on Israeli and international contemporary art, alongside thematic exhibitions which deal with various aspects of Israeli and international art.

Tikotin Museum of Japanese art

The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, which stands on the brow of Mt. Carmel, is devoted entirely to displaying and conserving Japanese art works, and is the only one of its kind in the Middle East. It is a municipal institution, founded in 1959, with the assistance and initiative of
Felix Tikotin (1893-1986) of Holland, and the late Abba Khoushy, who was Mayor of Haifa at that time.
The Museum’s collection comprises some 7000 items including paintings, prints, drawings, screens, textiles, ancient illustrated books, ceramics, miniature carvings (netsuke), metal and lacquer works, antique swords and handicrafts, mainly from the 14th-19th centuries. It also includes modern Japanese works of art.

The Reuben & Edith Hecht Museum in Haifa University

The Hecht museum contains thousands of unique archaeological items illustrating the theme “The People of Israel in the Land of Israel”, from the private collection of Dr. Hecht.
In the Art wing you’ll find French painting from the years 1830-1930, and Jewish art from mid-19th to early 20th century, including – Corot, Manet, Monet, Pissaro, Van-Gogh, Soutine, Modigliani and more.

Chagall Artists House

The Chagall Artists House was established in 1954 as an initiative of the Painters and Sculptors Association, and serves as a venue for one-man shows and group exhibitions, publication of catalogues and periodicals, international exchange exhibitions, projects accompanied by events such as artists dialogues, lectures on various aspects of art, chamber music concerts, etc.

Mane Katz Museum

The late renowned Jewish artist bequeathed his home, paintings and other artworks to the city.

The National Museum of Science, Technology and Space

Established in 1983, the Israel National Museum of Science is situated in the historic landmark – the old Technion building. Through a vast assortment of interactive exhibits and laboratories in its Education Center, it seeks to transmit basic scientific concepts – on mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics and acoustics, robotics and genetics, aeronautics and communications – that help people understand not only how items they use daily function, but also their underlying principles.

The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is occupying a modern four-story building located near the entrance to Haifa from the south. This museum, founded by Arie Ben Eli in 1953, chronicles over 5,000 years of maritime history, with emphasis on the Eastern Mediterranean, cradle of shipping in the Western World.

Clandestine Immigration & Naval Museum

The museum is devoted to the Clandestine Immigration and to the history of the Israeli navy. The ship “Af-‘Al-Pi”, which ran the British blockade during the Mandatory period, is on display.

Dagon Grain Silo & Archaeological Museum

Grain storage and handling in ancient Israel and the Near East, including a display of working tools.
Description: The beautiful city of Haifa is also an entertainment and culture center and has a unique museum to offer for almost any taste or interest.


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