caesarea beach

Caesarea founded as a small Phoenician port city, eventually conquered by Alexander Jannaeus to be made part of the Hasmonean kingdom today it is one of Israel’s major tourist attractions and an increasingly popular place for Israel’s elite to make their homes.

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Caesarea offers an amazing visit to the national park and ancient port, a tour of the hippodrome and Roman amphitheater, a walk among the impressive palace ruins, walk the paths of the national park to see the sites and vistas, walk across from the artists yard, dine in one of the restaurants that offer a diversity of menus, join divers who dive to the historic underwater park and even stretch out on the golden sands that reach the port’s shores.

The Roman Theater of Caesarea in Israel is a well-preserved and fully restored theater built by Herod. Today, the amphitheater is not only a spectacular relic of the past, but a modern performing venue where concerts are frequently held. Inside the gate of the theater is a plaque with a replica (the original is in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem) of the inscription found during excavations in 1959-63.

During 2006 Israel had launched the world’s first underwater museum at Caesarea, Divers can now tour the sign-posted remains of the magnificent harbor built by King Herod to honor his Roman patron, Caesar Augustus. The site has been excavated over the last three decades.

If you want to stay in city the Dan Caesarea offers guests the luxurious ambiance of a country estate hotel. Set in fifteen acres of landscaped gardens, flanked by orange groves, banana plantations and an 18-hole golf course, it provides a gorgeous retreat for a fabulous vacation and is a much sought after venue for special events.


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