The Jerusalem Bird Observatory – JBO

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory – JBO, houses the Israel national bird-ringing center and is a part of the Israeli Ornithological Center of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI).

The JBO strives to protect urban wildlife sites. All of its Ecological, research, and educational activities are non-profit.

The JBO is located in the center of Jerusalem near the Knesset. Visitors can stop by for an eco-experience. Bird watching and presentation about bird migration in Israel is available for tourists visiting as groups or individuals.

The JBO provides Israeli students, particularly children living in Jerusalem and other urban areas, with a unique opportunity to experience the environment first-hand. Student activities include “close encounters” with ringed birds, birdwatching tours, a birdwatching club, lectures about bird life, nature conservation, and presentations of current research being conducted at the JBO.

Meetings may will include a bird walk followed by a lecture or video presentation on a wide variety of topics relating to birds such as the wonders of migration, how birds fly, raptors of Israel and more and may feature a variety of guest speakers.

Some presentations will be in English and are open to all – beginner to experienced.

Most meetings will start at the Bird Observatory although a couple will start in other locations. A schedulue will be provided on registration.

For more information and to register:

Call Alen 0523-869488
Or email [email protected]


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