Art and Culture in Tel Aviv

art and culture in tel aviv


Tel-Aviv is Israel’s cultural capital, holding its finest museums, orchestras, theaters, and art galleries, and presenting its greatest dance and music performances.

Modern Art at Ha’medina Square

The two highlights in the city’s art scene, are the Diaspora Museum and the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, while other exclusive galleries are spread around Gordon St neighborhood, and are worth paying a special visit. Not far from there, just up Dizengoff St, is a cultural complex, which comprises the Israeli National Theater – Habima, and the Mann Auditorium, the home of the world-renowned Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Performing Art Center

Another cultural zone, located near the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, is the Tel-Aviv Performing Art Center. This beautifully architectural building is a home for the New Israeli Opera, featuring concerts, dance performances, music ensembles, and unique exhibitions at the lobby.


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