Diving & Snorkeling in Eilat

Eilat snorkeling

The underwater world revealed while diving at Eilat Bay is spectacular. With its crystal-clear waters allowing a visibility of 30 meters (due to the single source of incoming water from its southern opening to the Suez Bay), the Red Sea and the variety of coral reefs along its shores are among the most beautiful fascinating diving sites in the world.

Diving in Eilat
Eilat’s diving clubs offer services both for beginners and experienced divers, including introductory dive, specialty courses and organized dives to the Red Sea’s top diving sites. These sites, most of which are relatively close to the beach, reveal a whole realm of marvelous colors and incredibly gorgeous types of fish and corals. For those seeking an easier way to explore the beauty of the Red Sea, there is always the option of snorkeling or Scuba (a unique diving system combining scuba-diving and snorkeling, in which the air-tanks remain on a boat).


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