Eilat Beaches – Swim & Tan in Eilat

Eilat beaches


The beautiful, vibrant beaches scattered along the Red Sea coastline, run from the north edge of Eilat Bay, near the Jordanian border, down to south beach near the Egyptian border. The beaches are localized in two major areas – the North Beach, where the main hotel area is located, and the Coral Beach, further south of Eilat. The first is perfect for the more easygoing swimmers, sunbathers and water sport worshipers, whereas the latter serves as the main arena for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Dotted with palm trees, straw parasols and lively bars playing music, most of Eilat’s beaches offer vivacious, tropical atmosphere during the day and incredibly romantic feel at night. At the beach, you are likely to see sunbathers from all over the world lying on beach beds just a few steps from the water. Others are busy dining at one of the nearby snack bars, playing “Matkot” (Israeli beach tennis) or simply relax in front of the fascinating vista.

After a long day at the beach (remember to wear sunscreen!) it is time to get ready for the perfect finale – Eilat’s sunset. When the sun goes down beyond the hills of the city, just sit back and gaze at the gorgeous mountains of Aqaba across the sea, while they become amazingly red.

Finally, as the night falls over the city, you can join the festivity at one of the beaches, which transformed into bustling locations for dancing parties and pubs. Those of you seeking for romanticism or maybe camping in a tent, where the beaches are less busy. Lying on the pebbles and the cool sand, listening to the whisper of the waves as they break into the shore, and staring at the moonlight gorgeously reflected on the water, is truly a remarkable experience.


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