Safed – City Travel Guide

Safed clezmer

Safed is the capital of the Upper Galilee and is the highest city in Israel, overlooking the Sea of Galilee on the east and the Meron Mountains on the west. Safed is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Israel, cloaked in an aura of enchanting mysticism. A visit to Safed is a very unique experience; through the picturesque alleys, ancient synagogues, artists’ galleries, museums, stories and legends, you’ll discover the city and all of its charms.

Safed’s history spans hundreds of years. The city was mentioned in the days of Yosef Ben Matityahu and the Bar Kochva revolt, and its history is rife with violent periods, wars and many uprisings. These days, Safed is known for its ancient historical sites, local artists, and its combination of mysticism, the occult, stunning views and crisp mountain air.

Each year Safed hosts the International Klezmer Festival, with a range of street performances and Hasidic music, attracting many visitors who enjoy the city’s picturesque alleys, artists’ colony and unique atmosphere.

Lodging options are from family run guest houses – Zimmers, to boutique hotels such as Villa Galilee and Mizpe Hayamim and the well known Ruth Rimonim Hotel.



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