Ha’arbaa Street – Tel Aviv culinary center

Tel Aviv cinematheque

Ha’arbaa St. is a Tel Aviv culinary center in addition to hosting Cinematheque Tel Aviv, the best theater in the city and the home of well known international film festivals.

Haarbaa Street offers a mix of “body & soul” – the acclaimed Cinematheque Tel Aviv is located on one end of this not-long street, while the rest of it hosts some of Tel Aviv’s greatest restaurants and bars.

Tel Aviv cinematheque

Cinematheque Tel Aviv shows films of different genres and tastes, from Classical works of the finest directors, to contemporary mainstream filmmakers, and of course a wide selection of experimental and avant-garde pieces.

Cinematheque Tel Aviv hosts several film festivals throughout the year, including the Comics and Caricature Festival in August, the International Student Film Festival in June, the DocAviv Documentary Film Festival in March, Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing films and several foreign film festivals (Australian, British, French, Thai, Indian, Russian and Brazilian). Cinematheque Tel Aviv is located at 2 Sprinzak St on the Haarbaa St. Tel: +972-3-6060800.

As for your culinary options, there are more than you can count.

For Mediterranean favorites try Pahsa at 8 Ha’arbaa St. which offers authentic Turkish Kosher cuisine or Levontini at 18 Ha’arbaa.

Seafood lovers should visit Kazanki at 16 Ha’arbaa, a nice restaurant and bar offering great variety in very attractive prices. For Sushi, don’t miss Unami at 18 Ha’arbaa, a pretty fancy (and expensive) Japanese restaurant.

For great atmosphere and Tapas, Tapeo at 16 Ha’arbaa is your place. And it ain’t over yet – Odeon offers great steaks and Hamburgers, and the trendiest of them all – Messa Tel Aviv, at 19 Ha’arbaa, Chef Aviv Moshe’s personal restaurant, with a design that was featured in world magazines and food to match its fame.

There are several coffee shops on Ha’arbaa street as well, and if you walk a few steps to Hahashmonaim street (just around the block), you’ll be able to find several additional restaurants and cafes, plus one of Tel Aviv’s greatest wine stores, Derech Hayayin (Wine Road) at 93 HaHashmonaim and Lechamim, one of the best bakeries in town.


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