Yehuda HaMaccabi Street

Yehuda Hamaccabi coffee

Yehuda HaMaccabi Street is a chic area in the northern part of Tel Aviv, stretching from Ibn Gvirol Street in the west to the Bavli neighborhood in the east. It used to be quite the family residential area but has changed a lot in recent years to become one of the most desired real estate spots in Tel Aviv. The area has many small cafes, restaurants and chic stores, all accompanied by a laid back atmosphere.

In the northern part of Yehuda HaMaccabi Street lies a charming little square named Milano square. Milano square is a great place to sit and have a cup of coffee in one of the small trendy cafes scattered around the square. Zurik (4 Yehuda HaMaccabi St.) is the most famous of which – it is quite small but has many tables outdoors on the sidewalk, facing the green plaza. Visiting there is especially recommended during weekends. In the eastern part of the street there are many other small cafes. Lehem Erez (73 Yehuda HaMaccabi St.), a chain of boutique bread shops, is a nice option for some great coffee and gourmet bakery and sandwiches, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (57 Yehuda HaMaccabi St.) serves quality coffee and different sorts of teas in a quiet atmosphere.

If you are looking for lively atmosphere and younger crowd, visit Metropolis (53 Yehuda HaMaccabi St.) in the corner of Yehuda HaMaccabi St. and Weitzman St. Metropolis is one of the only places in this area that remains open till late at night and has a working bar with younger clientele.

Yehuda HaMaccabi Street has many other small attractions. Only few meters from Milano Square you will see the very peaceful “Villa Spa” (10 Yehuda HaMaccabi St.), where you can spoil yourself with all sorts of body treatments. If you are in a shopping mode, Bourdeaux (24Veidat Katovich St.) is a unique antique store with imported items from England’s markets, including furniture, fabrics and jewelry.


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