Yad Harutzim nightlife center in downtown Tel Aviv

Yad Harutzim is probably not the best place to visit during the day, when it offers the not-too-sexy blend of auto repair shops, noisy multi-lane roads and old office buildings. But when the sun goes down, this area becomes one of the city’s nightlife centers. Restaurants are packed, bars are massive and the nightclubs are lined one next to the other. Some of the biggest names in the city’s nightlife scene are located here, and some excellent restaurants too, so if it’s past 7 PM, it is definitely an area worth a visit.

When it comes to the combination of casual atmosphere, great food and superb design the Coffee Bar (13 Yad Harutzim St., Tel 03-6889696) is probably among the best places to dine in Tel Aviv. This mostly French cuisine bistro is accompanied by a rich wine list and friendly service, in what is often referred to as one of the best casual restaurants in the country.

Another culinary treat nearby is Vince and Tamar (10 Hazfira St., Tel: 03-6390407), which is an industrial-chic Italian restaurant. You will find no formal menus here, but daily specials listed on a blackboard. The moderate prices are more than reasonable for your diner value.

Yad Harutzim hosts many nightclubs in a pretty condensed area. The Dome is one of the city’s well established Mega-clubs, usually playing house and techno music. Prices are not cheap, but you will get your money’s worth if Mega-Clubs are your cup of tea. Nearby are the SO and the VOX nightclubs, both offering the same type of music to similar crowd, happy and friendly (especially after a couple of drinks).

If the underground scene and some experimental music are your thing, Café Barzilay is a smaller club that frequently hosts great DJs from abroad. Sometimes there are live performances of alternative Israeli artists too.

If you’re looking for mega-bars, mega-clubs or good restaurants in a downtown atmosphere, then Yad Harutzim is the place for you to visit. Bare in mind that traffic is pretty crowded there so you’d better come with Sherut (service) shared taxis, which has stops nearby on its way to the Central Bus Station.

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