Tel Aviv Beaches – The religious beach


The religious beach is the only beach in Tel Aviv that has separate bathing days for men and women, and is a great option for those who prefer a more restrained beach atmosphere.

There is one beach in Tel Aviv that has separate bathing days for men and women, in order to respond to the needs of the religious community. It is named “the religious beach” (Hof Hadatiyim), sometimes referred to as “The Separate Beach” as well, and is surrounded by a high wall which isolates it from the neighboring beaches. This is a good option for those who prefer single sex bathing or restrained beach atmosphere.


Not only religious people take advantage of this unique and usually not too crowded beach. Women’s days tend to attract many of Tel Aviv’s non religious females as well, who sometime prefer to enjoy their sunbath uninterrupted by male company.

Shalom Howard Johnson (216 Hayarkon St., ), a modern five-story building with balconies towards the Mediterranean and Independence Park, is the nearest hotel. It is pretty basic but has a restaurant and a pub, which offers live music almost every evening. The Marina hotel is pretty close as well, located on top of Kikar Atarim square, which is a popular hangout place for tourists during the summer months. The Marina (167 Hayarkon St., ) is located in the center of Tel Aviv’s luxury hotel strip, and offers a combination of convenient location and comfortable lodging. The rooms at the Marina were recently renovated and its guests enjoy an underground parking lot, which is a rare and helpful feature for guests in the city.

The religious beach area is a central location for a Tel Aviv visit. Even if you choose to stay elsewhere, try to visit there once. Your chances to witness a similar beach elsewhere are pretty scarce.


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