Rabin Square

Rabin square

Rabin Square is the main open public square of Tel Aviv, and is typically used for art exhibitions, independence-day celebrations and large rallies and demonstrations. The most famous of which was the peace rally on the night of November 5th 1995, at the end of which Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, was assassinated.

Shortly afterwords, the square was renamed, and a monument was built on the north-eastern corner, where Rabin was shot. At the top of the stairs leading to the city hall entrance, Rabin’s last speech from the rally is engraved in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Until today, a small group called “the peace guards” gathers there every Friday at noontime to pay respect to the late much missed leader.

On the southern part of Rabin Square you’ll find a sculpture designed by Yigal Tumerkin, a famous Israeli artist, in memory of the Holocaust victims. On the northern part of the square you’ll find the city hall building, next to the “Gan Hair” shopping mall.

The street bordering the eastern side of Rabin Square is Ibn Gvirol, which is one of the main streets of the city. This street is a popular Tel Aviv landmark, crowded with many outdoor cafes, which remain lively until late at night. There are many places to sit and have a drink around Rabin Square, most famous of which is the Brasserie at 70 Ibn Gvirol Street. Brasserie was opened a couple of years ago and soon became one of the most successful restaurants in Tel Aviv. It is open 24 hours, and offers a French Bistro cuisine in Middle Eastern surroundings. There are special menus for every hour of the day and night, and the service is friendly.


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