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Though not active as a port anymore, the old port of Tel Aviv is a very lively part of the city, day or night. It is where the first immigrants’ ships landed, and though it was shut down in the 60’s as an active sea port, it was awaken again in the 80’s as a nightlife and water sports center.

The Tel Aviv port today is a great place to hang out, eat or take a walk along the old pier. The center of the Tel Aviv port is a small area packed with great restaurants and few bars and nightclubs. It is definitely worth a visit during the day in spring, summer or one of the many sunny winter days.

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Tel Aviv are located here, most of which are open during the day, and offer great view of the Mediterranean, relaxed atmosphere and business menus.

Mul-Yam (Tel: 03-5469920) is a superb seafood restaurant that was chosen in 2003 as one of the top 140 restaurants in the world. Prices there match their flavor, so it is pretty expensive, yet it’s recommended to visit Mul-Yam at least once, especially during the day when there’s an opportunity to enjoy the sea view.

Gilly’s (Tel: 03-6057777) is another great option, and is well known for its excellent breakfasts, served every day till 5PM. Another option for some great seafood in front of the water in the Tel Aviv port is Boya (Tel: 03-5446166). It is a great restaurant, though again, not for low budget visitors.

During the day the Tel Aviv port is a great place to visit and enjoy the beautiful view, the laid back atmosphere and the excellent seafood restaurants.

Hotels that are located very close to the Port are:
The Port Hotel Tel Aviv
The Grand Beach Hotel
The Tal Hotel


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