Noga Theater – up-and-coming area of Tel Aviv

Noga theater

The quarter of Noga Theater is an up-and-coming area on the northern border of Jaffa. This area has recently become a popular residential area for young artists, and many new places have opened there. The Noga Theater (7 Jerusalem Blvd.) is the center of the quarter. Though it does not operate regularly, Noga Theater sometimes hosts live performances of local artists and parties.

Saloona (17 Tirza St.), in the middle of the quarter, is a beautifully decorated Lounge Bar that is popular amongst residents and visitors from other parts of the city. It has a large open space, giant chandelier in the middle of the bar and temporary exhibitions of local artists. Music and ambience here are very nice, and it is a good choice for those who wish to sit and have a nice conversation, rather than having a wild night out.

Just across the street you’ll find an elegant bar-restaurant named “Poyka” (14 Tirza St.). It is a meat bar, and the name of the restaurant comes from a special cooking pot used for cauldron cooking, which results in a unique taste and another must-visit spot.

If you are a soccer fan then Bloomfield, the home stadium of three local teams, is located 200 meters away from the Noga Theater district. You can catch a match every Saturday and sometimes on Sundays, too.

There is a very comfortable non-expensive lodging option in the Noga Theater District. Mishkenot Ruth Daniel (47 Jerusalem Blvd.) is a new building right next to the old city with rooms for groups, families and singles, plus a catering service which offers Kosher meals.


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