Ahad Haam & Nahmani streets

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Ahad Haam & Nahmani streets are located in the heart of Tel Aviv, and you should make note of them as part of your “getting to know Tel Aviv” tour, either fitting them into your Rothschild Blvd excursion or dedicating them some time of their own.

Ahad Haam (a.k.a Ehad Ha’am or Echad Ha’am) means “one of the people” and is the pen name of Asher Ginzberg, a Jewish Russian who was one of the founders of Zionism. The street named after him runs parallel to the famous Rothschild Blvd, and hosts a mix of restaurants, cafes, art galleries and more. It meets with Nahmani Street half way through, and continues towards north with similar offering of typical Tel Aviv Bauhaus buildings and great atmosphere.

Some of the recommendations for this heart of Tel Aviv neighborhood include:


Some of the nicer Bauhaus buildings of the city are located on Ahad Haam and Nahmani streets, so when you walk around the neighborhood, don’t forget to look up and enjoy the wide porches, small windows and smooth lines of the International architectural design, which gave the city of Tel Aviv its “white city” UNESCO World Heritage site title.

A landmark attraction for every walking tour is the Pagoda House on the corner of Nahmani and Montefiore streets, designed by architect Alexander Levy in 1925. Inspired by a cafe in the United States, the Pagoda House merges Oriental and Western styles. Since it’s privately owned you won’t be able to see it from the inside, but sitting on the lovely King Albert Square, just across the street, will allow you to appreciate it just the same.

Coffee Shops

The famous Café Tamar, which has been serving stale coffee to a mix of Israel’s top politicians, journalists and artists for over 40 years, is located in the corner of Shenkin and Ahad Ha’am streets. A popular kosher coffee shop, Cafe Ginzburg, can be found at 55 Ahad H’aam St., and a small library-café, popular with local writers and artists is Café Noah, at 93 Ahad Ha’am St., where you can enjoy the small garden when the weather permits (which is almost all the time). Another great place to enjoy the morning sun is Café-bakery Ben Ami, at King Albert Square, 22 Nahmani St.


One of the best Italian restaurants in Tel Aviv is Pronto, at 26 Nahmani St., a “Trattoria Italiana” serving great seafood and typical dishes for two decades. Just around the corner is Café Noir at 43 Ahad Ha’am with huge breakfasts and large bistro food throughout the day. If you happen to be vegetarian, Mezze at 51 Ahad Ha’am is a small neighborhood joint just for you.

cafe noir

Art Galleries

Noga Gallery at 60 Ahad Ha’am St., Gallery 39 at 39 Nahmani St.


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