How People Live in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv – Rabin Square

Though it has a Mediterranean feel, Tel Aviv is also a sophisticated modern city with a European touch.

The city’s streets teem with lively sidewalk cafes, elegant restaurants and exclusive shops, along with simple kiosks and local Falafel and Shawarma stalls. One of the most common habits in the lives of Tel-Avivians is to hang out at the trendy cafes on famous Sheinkin street, Basel Street, Dizengoff Street, especially on sunny Fridays.

Sheinkin Street
Since Tel Aviv is an excellent city to explore on foot, visitors can spend great time walking around those streets and others, such as Ibn Gvirol and the lovely shaded Rotchild Ave.

More of this Tel Avivian fun can be reached at Hayarkon St., the closest street to the beach and where most of the city hotels are, and at Ben- Yehuda St., parallel to its former and the site of many hostels, travel agents and other tourist services.


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