Basel Street


Basel Street is one of the most popular places to sit and have a cup of coffee in Tel Aviv. In the middle of this small area there is a large square with shops and cafes scattered around it, and though there are no special attractions, the laid back atmosphere makes it a very pleasant area to sit and have a cup of coffee and a croissant in the morning or in the afternoon.


Basel Street is considered to be a hangout area for the high society of Tel Aviv. The area itself is surrounded by parks and large trees, giving the location an isolated feel, few blocks away from the busy Dizengoff Street. The area offers a variety of shops, quality cafes and restaurants, including Japanese, Italian and Israeli cuisine, as well as a bar serving alcohol until late at night.

Cafe Basel (42 Basel St.) is popular amongst the locals, serving basic menu and good coffee, right in the middle of the street. Alkalay (1 Alkalay St.) is another popular café with a casual atmosphere and regular customers. Arcaffe, in the middle of Basel square at 35 Basel St., is a self service café with excellent Italian coffee and delicious cakes and sandwiches, and Lulu (5 Alkalay St.), one block away, is yet another beautifully designed place with a lovely atmosphere.

If you visit Basel Street, try to make a stop in one of the jewelry and gift shops scattered around the plaza. In the jewelry stores there’s a wide selection of local and antique pieces, and in the lovely Del-Arte gift shop (9 Ashtory Hafarchi St.) there are some stunning handmade items.


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