Tel Aviv Marina

Tel Aviv has two Marinas which provide anchor for yachts and boats, as well as sailing, diving services, and repair services for sailing vessels, etc. The main Marina is located in the heart of the hotel area in tel aviv, alongside Atarim (Namir) Square, while the other is at the Jaffa port. Sail boats and wind surf equipment can be hired at the Tel Aviv Marina, and there is a school for motor boat and yacht sailing, as well as the possibility of hiring yachts. There are Customs and Border Control services at the Tel Aviv Marina. For details call 03-620-2596.

The Carlton Hotel and the Marina hotel are located along side the Marina as well.

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Sea and Sun – Beaches of Tel Aviv

The beautiful white beaches of Tel Aviv are the city’s most popular attraction and a must for any visitor. The magnificent promenade (“Tayelet” in Hebrew), with its beachfront cafes and restaurants, runs along the shore at the main hotel area, providing a great location for morning or afternoon jogging.


The beaches are mostly crowded on weekends (Friday and Saturday), and are pleasantly quiet in early mornings, when the only brave swimmers are seniors working on their exercise. The seashores are dotted with kiosks just a few steps from the water, tan worshipers lying on beach-beds while others carefully sitting under parasols.

Beautiful Mediterranean Sunset

While at the beach you may find yourself moving your head from the right to the left, following local pairs playing “Matkot” (Israeli beach Tennis), and on summer evenings, soon after the beautiful Mediterranean sunset, the beaches become a great location for night hang outs, you can find many beach bars, from the new and renovated Mezizim beach bar to the one North of the Marina and others along the beach.

Frishman beach Tel Aviv

The religious beach

Tel Aviv Shopping Centers

Shopping in Tel Aviv can be a fascinating experience, as the city offers various kinds of shopping venues, from outdoor flea markets to big modern malls.

If it’s the Middle Eastern ambiance you’re after, visit the colorful Carmel Market with its oriental flavor, to watch the vendors sell exotic food products and cheap clothing (don’t forget to bargain), or go to neighboring Nachalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall, where artists present their unique home-made.

However, if you’re looking for modern style shopping, then you can attend the chic fashion stores at Dizengoff and Sheinkin Streets, visit the exclusive boutiques at Hamedina Square and Ramat Aviv mall, or head for Azrieli Center, a uniquely structured shopping mall and the highest building in the city. Most of Tel-Aviv’s shopping areas are within walking distance from the hotel district on Hayarkon St., while others are easy to get to by local bus or taxi. Notice that some shops are closed between 1pm and 4pm, and most are closed on Saturday.

Dizengoff Center

Center of Dizengoff and King George streets. Large, modern shopping center. Encompassing innumerable shops, 7 movie theaters, restaurants and cafes.

Gan Ha’ir

This is one of lsrael’s exclusive centers, with stores and restaurants of truly international standards. Here you’ll find everything you’re looking for, whether it’s fashion, jewelry, carpets, housewares, dining, delis or night-clubs. With its lush greenery, sparkling fountains and futuristic elevators, the fully air conditioned City Garden Shopping Center is one of Tel Aviv’s treasures. Tel. 03- 5279111 (Center into), 71 lbn Gvirol St.

Canyon Ayalon

The mall, which is in Ramat Gan, is the most successful one in Israel and is considered to be one of the most successful malls in the whole world! The mall is air-conditioned and has a variety of stores. restaurants and movie theaters, The mall has 100 stores and 2,150 parking spots that are free for the visitors. Open daily 9am-1Opm. Tel. 570-3105, Info. 177-022-1776

The new Tel Aviv Bus Terminal

The New Tel Aviv Bus Terminal operates also as lsrael’s business, commerce and entertainment center. 230,00 square meters of enclosed and air-conditioned space in summer and winter, 1,400 shops including all the known branches in all categories, thousands of parking spaces, escalators, fountains, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, branches of the major banks and an enclosed and clean market. In other words, a city within a city. An experience!

Opera Tower

This apartment building is located at the junction of 1 Allenby St., Tel Aviv, opposite the Promenade. The building was erected at the site of what was the First Knesset and later housed the Israeli Opera. There are three floors for commercial use, including shops of Israeli designers, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, Judaica and fashion, 6 cafes-restaurants and 5 cinemas. The place is fully air-conditioned. Into: 03- 510-7496. Buses 4, 10. Opera Tower hosts exhibitions and artistic activities.

Old Port Tel Aviv – Namal Tel Aviv

The first port of Israel was opened at 1936 and now is a flourishing hang out area with many new restaurants, bars and shops all accessible by a 14000 square meters of a wooden deck that its shape was inspired by the Tel Aviv sand dunes. The port is now one of Tel Aviv’s major attractions, among the many shops you can find at the port are : Replay, Castro, Adiddas, BlueBird, Levis, Crocker, Asics, Crocks Diva and many others.

Old Jaffa Port

Old Jaffa is one of the most attractive places to tour in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The city which has always been the entry to the ancient land of Israel is succeeding, even today, its traditional aromas and fragrances which have always characterized it There is a marina at the Port and many people sail from here on pleasure trips.

At the top of the hill is the Franciscan Church of St. Peter, which was established in the 17th Century, in which it is possible to visit the room where, the clergy strongly claim, Napoleon stayed after the capture of the city. One of the most important sites for Christianity in Jaffa is the house of Simon the Tanner.

Historians believe that Jaffa is the only port in the world which can boast uninterrupted in habitation throughout its entire existence. The biblical account mentions that the cedars from Lebanon for the construction of King Solomon’s Temple came in via Jaffa. Jonah departed from this city in his flight from God. Greek legend tells of the chaining of the beautiful Andromeda to the rocks facing Jaffa’s shore. Simon the Tanner lived in Jaffa, and it was here that the Apostle Peter performed a miracle. Roman legions, Richard the Lion Hearted, Napoleon and Turkish sultans all conquered the city; but with the eclipse of the Ottoman Empire, the city’s vitality declined. Towards the end of World War I, the city was conquered by General Allenby, ushering in the period of the British Mandate.

The port of Jaffa, (the sole port at the time) served as the point of entry for the increased Jewish immigration which came to resettle the land.

A variety of sea trips leave here daily to view the outstanding sight of the horizon of Tel Aviv-Jaffa from the direction of the sea. From the Port it is possible to climb narrow steps to the top of the Old Jaffa Hill.

Charles Clore Park is Located just north to the Port and is accessible by the new promenade that will take you all the way to Tel Aviv – around 20 minutes walk along the Mediterranean beach.

For a budget accommodation, Old Jaffa Hostel is an excellent choice which guests are accepted personally located not far from the port in the middle of Jaffa’s Oriental Bazaar – lively during the day, quiet at night and within walking distance to anything you need in the big city.

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Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv

This beautiful neighborhood, situated south of the Yemenite Quarter in Tel Aviv, is the first to be built in the new city of Tel Aviv back in 1887.

Today it serves as the city’s most stylish zone, a home for Israeli artists and yuppies. The gorgeous architecture of the old houses, packed within quiet narrow lanes, and the relaxed manner of the neighborhood’s residents, make it highly recommended spending a delightful afternoon around the area.

On your visit, make sure you don’t miss the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, located in the heart of Neve Tzedek and one of the most beautiful cultural centers in the city. Surrounded by lovely gardens and splendid piazza, this complex is a home to two of the best Israeli dance companies, and a host for the most unique performances in town.

Very close to Neve Tsedek is the now renovated Tacahana Complex, an old train station where visitors enjoy a a pedestrians only attraction with shops, cafe’s, restaurants, organic market art galleries and a family fun activities.

Getting there is by bus No 44 and 46, or No 25 to Montifyori St. (from which it takes 10 minutes walking). It is also possible to take the frequent bus No 4 and get off where Allenby St meets Echad Ha’am, and continue by foot to Neve Tzedek.

The Port Tel Aviv Hotel

This new hotel with is 21 new stylish rooms, it is a unique Hotel in Tel Aviv Israel.
While your stay you may enjoy Tel Aviv’s beaches,  Have a drink in the Port Zone’s ( Namal Tel Aviv )  many trendy bars. Shop at the world famous Dizengoff Designer’s Shops and Boutiques, and enjoy the greenery at Ganei Yehoshua Park. You will always remember the sunsets from our rooftops and the spectacular view of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Port Hotel Address

288 Ha Yaarkon St. Corner of 4 Yirmeyahu St. Tel Aviv 63325

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The Grand Beach Hotel Tel Aviv – Renovated rooms

The combination of warm hospitality, intimacy and our prime location makes The Grand Beach Tel Aviv your first choice for business and leisure. The recently redecorated hotel, offers 212 spacious bedrooms all facing the sea including 36 inter-connecting family rooms. The rooms are modernly furnished and equipped with every convenience. Located literally across the road from the Mediterranean and a series of excellent beaches. We’re located minutes away from Tel Aviv’s bustling centers and nightlife, We welcome you with warm, very personal hospitality and modern facilities designed to make sure you enjoy every moment of your stay.

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Frishman beach Tel Aviv

Frishman beach is located in the west end of Frishman Street, Near Dan Hotel and the US Embassy at the center of the Tel-Aviv promenade.

The beach is beautiful and clean with nice beach beds. It is lovely to spend the day there and than cross the Yarkon street for lunch or breakfast at many different restaurants cafe’s and bars.

The beach is very well kept, and includes all required needed facilities for families, including first aid, life guard services, showers and toilets. The beach has no entrance fee and offers sun-tanning beds and deck chairs rental for an average charge of 12NIS during the bathing season.

Tel Aviv Beach – April 21 2009 from gigagil on Vimeo.

Tel Aviv celebrates it’s 100th birthday

Tel Aviv’s 100th birthday celebrations kicked off on April 4th in Rabin Square before a crowd of 400,000, who came to celebrate in the most energetic, optimistic, liberated, and colorful city in the Middle East, and some say it’s the most bustling, youthful and fun city in the whole world. The gala event started with a stunning concert highlighted with a multi-media sound & light show and performances by top Israeli artists: the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta, Barry Saharof, Matti Caspi, Shlomo Gronich, Miri Massika, Monica Sex, dancers and acrobats. Rock bands played on the roofs of nearby buildings, while impressive historical pictures of the first Hebrew city were displayed on huge screens. This amazing happening concluded with an impressive fireworks display and a massive street party.

Tel Aviv features sky-scraping towers and stylish hotels by the Mediterranean Sea front promenade, offering one of the world’s most spectacular urban beaches of vast and pristine golden sands.
Fashionable nightclubs, hip bars, fine restaurants and colorful cafés make it hard to imagine that exactly 100 years ago, there was nothing here but sand dunes and a few dreamers who started building the first Hebrew city of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv 100 celebrations from gigagil on Vimeo.

Over the next nine months, more than 400 special events will be held all over the city, including music and art festivals, sporting events, special historic exhibitions amidst community projects, and many others.

Some of the main 100th birthday events promise a lot of fun and surprises!

In honor of Tel Aviv’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff, a special statue of him riding his horse will be erected in front of his historic home on Rothschild Boulevard, created by the sculptor David Zangelovitch.

Sports: Tel Aviv will host the international marathon on April 24th and in June the European Windsurfing competition, takes place on Gordon Beach. Olympic medalists and contenders are expected to participate in this world class event. The 18th Maccabi Games will be held in the city in July.

Architecture: The annual “White Night” celebration will take place on May 27th. Stunning Rothschild Boulevard, the location of some of the most beautiful Bauhaus buildings, will become one big street theatre with professional actors playing scenes from the early 1920s.

Culinary fairs: The city’s famous fruit and vegetable market will be open till dawn, as well as the nearby Nahalat Binyamin Street with its arts & crafts fair. Restaurants and bars will be open all night.

Blues Festival: Music, art and food will be celebrated in Old Jaffa. A happening featuring street music, art galleries and fine restaurants will be open at the renewed Old Jaffa Port.

On July 16th, for the first time in Israel, Milan’s La Scala opera house will perform Verdi’s Requiem in HaYarkon Park for free.
The Rosh Hashana holiday will be celebrated at Rabin Square with a spectacular flower carpeted square.

Hotels of Tel Aviv – Our favorite Tel Aviv Hotels

When coming to Tel Aviv you can choose from many hotels, big or small, city center or near the Beach, Luxury Hotels or comfortable hostels for a bargain. We would like to introduce some of our favorite hotels in Tel Aviv, each is different and has its advantages in some areas but all are comfortable and will offer you a great stay in Tel Aviv:

Vital Hotel Tel Aviv

Vital Hotel offers a perfect balance for guests who are looking for elegant atmosphere & high level personal service. See our marvelous virtual tours of the Vital Hotel Tel Aviv. Vital  hotel is an exquisitely designed luxurious boutique hotel located in the heart of Tel-Aviv city, and is modernly decorated and offers spacious rooms and high standard amenities. Click for Vital’s Video presentation.

Hotels Location – center of Tel Aviv
  guests enjoy proximity to all the major significant icons of Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv Opera House, Tel Aviv Museum, Azrieli shopping center, the Israel trade fairs convention center, the court houses and fine restaurants, all within walking distance. 
Just 25 minutes drive from Israel’s international airport.

For more please visit the Vital Hotel Tel Aviv mini site.


Hotel Vital Tel Aviv


The Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv

The Savoy hotel Tel Aviv, located at the heart of the city and just a short walk from the beach. Enjoy a photo gallery and see the Savoy’s style that combines striking elegance with advanced facilities designed for business travelers. A unique sense of style is reflected in the interior finish, conveying a welcoming luxury and inspired simplicity. Offering the highest level of standards and service, yet with personal attention and an intimate atmosphere, The Savoy Tel Aviv is a place you’ll want to return to, time and time again.

Savoy has 55 state-of-the-art guest rooms with a stunning artwork feature, high-class meeting room, fitness room, roof deck and gourmet breakfast, The Savoy Tel Aviv provides an experience of elegance and convenience close to the main business and leisure destinations of the city.

The Savoy Tel Aviv is located in the city center just a short distance from many of Tel Aviv’s popular tourist and business destinations. Enjoy a swim or a stroll at Tel Aviv’s famous beachfront just a few minutes’ walk away.
Distances from Savoy hotel to:
Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance & Theater, Neve Tzedek: 1km
Old City of Jaffa, Jaffa port: 1.5km
Opera Tower mall: 500m
Azrieli Center: 5km
Tel Aviv Port: 2.5km
Rabin Square: 2.5km
Beachfront: 50m

For more please visit the Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv mini site.


Hotel Savoy Tel Aviv room