Eden Hotel Jerusalem

Eden Jerusalem Hotel features 23 non smoking, comfortable, bright rooms and suites. All of the rooms are air conditioned and include kitchenettes and cable TV. The hotel’s breakfast is served in a nice dining area.

4 Giladi St. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, ISRAEL 

Eden Hotel is location is convenient for shopping, cafes and restaurants in Baka and the German Colony neighborhoods.The Eden hotel Jerusalem offers 17 double / twin rooms and 6 mini-suits that can accommodate up to 6 people. All the rooms are comfortable, air conditioned and include kitchenettes, cable TV with free parking and internet access.

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The Eden Jerusalem Hotels is located within walking distance of the promenade with its panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem with easy access to the city center, the Old City, and all of Jerusalem main attractions.

Front Stage Vs. Backstage

For young people only looking to have some fun, Jerusalem provides the set for many free & cool parties with Israel’s leading musicians and DJ’S.

For the past two years the municipality of Jerusalem has been hosting free parties for teens and over. This year, after feeling the parties have turned to be gatherings for teens only, students and young adults above the age of 21 have set out to party their own way, introducing the Backstage parties.

Spreading like a virus over Facebook, the Backstage parties have managed to make a name for themselves in the hipster’s community in Jerusalem. So this year in August, depending on your age, or even if you’re in between, you get to choose from a variety of free parties set in different venues across the city, that are either sponsored by the city or partied the underground way!

The International Arts and Crafts Festival – Chutzot Hayotzer Jerusalem

The International Arts and Crafts Festival – Chutzot Hayotzer Jerusalem

Held at the beautiful and historical Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem, the International Arts and Crafts Festival occurring in the midst of August for over 30 years in the city, is a huge fair celebrating arts and crafts from around the world and Israel. Just taking a walk at the foot of the Hassenfeld Amphitheater and shopping for fine art while listening to performances of famous Israeli musicians is fun for everyone. So why not try it? The view of the tower of David is set in the price of the ticket.

Tel Aviv bus tour

Urban Tour of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The Dan Bus Company, along with City Tour, sponsored by the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Tourism Association, invite you on a panoramic, urban tour of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The tour bus stops at the loveliest, most important spots in the city.

Visitors are provided with headphones and may choose to listen to the explanations and guides in Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish and German.

City Tour Bus – Jerusalem

The Egged Bus Company, along with City Tour Jerusalem, invite you to experience a panoramic tour of Jerusalem’s greatest sites while riding on a double-decker bus. You can get off the bus whenever you want, at any of the 28 different stations.

The tour lasts two hours. Visitors are provided with headphones and may choose to listen to the explanations and guides in Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish and German.

Tickets may be purchased on the bus, using cash or credit card.

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Israel Museum, Jerusalem – Buy tickets online

Since its establishment in 1965, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem has become one of the leading institutions in Israel and one of the most important and comprehensive museums in the world. The museum features upwards of 500,000 artistic and archaeological exhibits, including the world’s leading collection on archaeology from the Holy Land, Judaica and Jewish ethnography, and works of art ranging from classical to modern. The collections represent the rich history of human culture, dating back almost one million years, through modern times.

The Israel Museum offers a wide range of fascinating exhibits, activities for the entire family and special events at the Shrine of the Book, a model of Jerusalem’s Second Temple, activities in the Youth Department and a 24-dunam sculpture garden.

This summer, museum renovations will be complete and it will feature new programs, fascinating exhibits and interesting activities.

Special opening hours during the first week after reopening:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (July 26-28): 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Thursday (July 29): 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M.
Opening Hours
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Tuesday: 4:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Friday and Holiday Eve: 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Saturdays and Holidays: 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

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Festive Jerusalem

During the hot summer days, spending a few cooler nights in Jerusalem isn’t only a climatic choice for people, but also a cultural one. With so many festivals celebrated during the months of summer in the holy city, everybody will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for. Whether interested in culture, art, shopping, religion, children attractions, parties or nature, you can be sure that the city of Jerusalem has already one or maybe even two festivals planned in the subject for the summer. This year, along with the well known festivals like the Jerusalem Film Festival or the Israel Festival, there are even more new festivals ready to please any sweaty crowd. So without further a do here is a list of all of the events you should be looking out for in Jerusalem, this summer and the summers ahead.

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Tower of David Museum – Night Spectacular

Sound and Light Show at the Citadel

Tower of David Museum – Night Spectacular

The citadel walls serve as the backdrop for this stunning nighttime performance, which is a celebration of sights and sounds projected on the archaeological remnants in the citadel courtyard. The impressive story of the city of Jerusalem is conveyed, accompanied by original music, dramatized by huge, breathtaking imagery.

The sound and light show uses the advanced, innovative trompe-l’œi technique, as fascinating scenes seem to replace the walls and remnants of the buildings. The impressive imagery envelops the audience, providing a multi-sensory, unique experience.

Innovative techniques are provided through advanced computer systems that include twenty projectors, ten video devices, 14 computers and 14 speakers. In addition, the system includes some ten kilometers of cables and two projection rooms.

Producers: Skertzo, from France; Original Score: Etienne Perruchon; Sound Effects: Jean Goudier; Curator: Renee Sivan, Tower of David Museum.

The sound and light show is the first of its kind in the world and is aimed at tourists, Israeli audiences, families, speakers of all languages and anyone who loves Jerusalem, all of whom will enjoy the performance.

The show is sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality, Tourism Ministry, the Jerusalem Foundation and the Israel Government Tourist Corporation.

Show Dates: Every day after dark. For exact times please check….

Time Elevator, Jerusalem

The Time Elevator takes visitors on a fascinating, historical journey over 3,000 years, telling the story of the city of Jerusalem. Haim Topol, who starred in Fiddler on the Roof, is our tour guide, leading us between collapsing ceilings, water hoses and other special effects that enhance the experience and the unforgettable journey to historical Jerusalem: From the City of David through the 1967 War.

With an exciting original film written by historians and archeologists, featuring special effects, viewers can enjoy a fascinating journey to the most dramatic moments in Jerusalem’s history. Visitors meet the Prophet Jeremiah, confront King Zedekiah and relive the destruction of the First and Second Temples. The audience goes through the Roman occupation of Jerusalem, the birth of Christianity, the rise of Islam, hundreds of years of occupation in the Holy Land and the drama of the establishment of the State of Israel.

Visitors are provided with surround sound headphones and may choose to listen to the show in English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Italian or Hebrew.
A visit to the Time Elevator has become an important and essential part of each visit to Jerusalem.

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Mahane Yehuda Market – A Day at “The Shuk”

One of the most colorful spots in Jerusalem and a must visit for any tourist to the city, is the vibrant Mahane Yehuda Market, or “The Shuk” as they say in Hebrew. Whether you decide to visit it on Friday, its busiest day in the week, or on any other weekday, there are quite a few milestone’s in the market which are a delight for the eye and of course the palate.

Located between Jaffa and Agripas St. “The Shuk” can be easily reached by walking from the bus station or by almost any bus route in Jerusalem. Inside, it is divided by streets named after fruits and has both an open aired area and a covered one.
With over 250 vendors in the market, selling mostly foods from a large variety of Jewish communities from all over the world, even if one plans on simply absorbing the market through his senses, it’s always a good idea to have a list with the market’s finest restaurants and vendors, to make the best out of your day in the market.

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Marzipan, 44 Agripas St.

Start off just before entering the market at the famous Marzipan bakery. Besides having a name after a delicious almond treat, Marzipan is famous for its sweet pastries dispersing its fragrances from outside the market. If you’re a chocolate lover (and who isn’t?), don’t miss out on their famous chocolate rogalach, yummy.

Uzi-Eli, 10 Ha’egoz St.

Take a right from Agripas St. into the first entrance of the covered market on Ha’egoz St. (Nut St. in Hebrew) and walk until you reach a picturesque juice stand on your right called Uzi-Eli. Uziel the owner, is a cute looking 68 year old man originally from Yemen who’s referred to as “The Dr.” Besides his juices which are said to have unique healing qualities from helping headaches to improving your stamina, the doctor offers creams and sprays as well for the skin and will happily give you your own personal diagnosis.

The Halva Kingdom, 75 Etz Ha’haim St.

Once you get to Hashaked St. (Almond), turn right and then left on Etz Ha’haim St. (Tree of Life) and walk until you see a large halva stand to the left, known as The Halva Kingdom. There you’ll find every kind of sweet tahini and honey mixture you could ever dream of, plus a few baklavas if you have an endless sweet tooth. Make sure to try the excellent King’s Halva and maybe even take a few packs with you back home – where the sweet delight will be even more appreciated.

Ha’agas Ehad, 1 Banay St.

Located in the heart of the market on the old Pear St. (Ha’agas) is Ha’agas Ehad. Although today the street is named Banay St., after Eliyahu Yaakov Banay, one of the four fathers of the famous Banay family in Israel, we can still find on the same spot, the well known fresh vegan cuisine restaurant, Ha’agas Ehad. If at this point of the day your only craving is for a salad, no doubt this place would be your best choice.

Mizrahi, 12 Hashazif St.

Another famous establishment of the market, on Hashazif St. (Plum) parallel to Banay St. is the Mizrahi restaurant. Once a home to a spice stand, today, the daughter of the spice stand owner, runs a family based restaurant called Mizrahi, serving deliciously authentic cuisine on Kerosene stoves.

Mazetim, 11 Hashazif St.

Just across the restaurant, if you’re thinking of eating in, is a great cheese shop called Mazetim, where you can get the best cheeses from all over the country and abroad. Just be careful while walking around the shop, near almost every cheese you can find a few cut squares from it for you to try, not the best for someone on a diet.

Mousseline, 17 Ha’egoz St.

Another thing that’s best to stay away from if on a diet is Mousseline ice-cream shop. Fairly new to the market, back on Ha’egoz St, Mousseline has already managed to get quite a fan base for itself, with hard ice-cream addicts going crazy for their odd but tasty basil grapefruit flavor.

The Iraqi Shuk

After so much eating it might be a good idea to relax a bit and watch others relax as well. The Iraqi part of the market, set in its back is probably a good bet for that. Watch a large group of diverse grandfathers (not only Iraqi) play backgammon and cards, relaxing under the sun, either rain or shine. Try talking to them, if you look naïve enough, they might even let you play with them…

Hachipuria, 6 Eshkol St.

If you become hungry after your backgammon game, take a right when coming out of the Iraqi market just before going back into the shuk, to Eshkol St. There in a Georgian bakery, you can enjoy some yummy Georgian cuisine consisting mostly of cheese and dough. Hachipuria has a large variety of oily dough with cheese but if still on a diet, just take a sip of their local Georgian drink.

Mahneyuda, 10 Beit Ya’akov St.

Oddly enough, the one thing your day out to “The Shuk” won’t be complete without is a visit to a new restaurant just outside the market named Mahneyuda. Run by three of the best chefs that Jerusalem has to offer, Mahneyuda prouds itself in having a different menu everyday, printed daily on recycled paper, that’s decided on according to the catch of the day from the market. With small to main courses set by prices from low to high (only up to 130 NIS per course) on the menu and an open kitchen where you can actually see how the food is made, there’s no wonder one needs to book at least two days in advance to get a table.

The people, the smells, the flavors and the sounds of the bustling market will all boil down as night sets on Jerusalem. At that point you can find yourself going back to your hotel after a crazy but definitely filling day at “The Shuk”.